Guayusa is a native plant of the Amazon Region. Each leaf contains caffeine, antioxidants and amino acids, which contributes to its nutritional value.
Indigenous peoples of the Ecuadorian Amazon use guayusa leaves to make an energizing beverage. It contains enough caffeine to give natural energy to the body and soul throughout the day. The Tsáchila Community (indigenous group native to the coastal region of Ecuador) traditionally use guayusa leaves for healing and spiritual activities.
Being that Guayusa is native to the Amazon, it grows naturally in the jungle areas. Indigenous peoples currently grow guayusa in agroforestry systems (Chakras). This way of farming allows the farmer to have more sustainable production. In Santo Domingo the Tsachilas have affirmed that Guayusa has been grown and used in their territory for decades, however; since it was mostly used by Pone (shaman) in their community for spiritual activities, it is not known whether it is native to the region or was brought many years ago.